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Brailling is a launcher for Android, which is included in the industry of mobile accessibility and telephony. It deals with the problem of the exclusion of the blind community in today’s new technologies and it provides a solution represented in different modules.

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The solution

Solving the problem.

We tackle the problems of visual impairment regarding social and technological exclusion and mobile accessibility issues. We are going to solve the problem of the blind community’s exclusion in the new era. We cannot cure blindness but we can include and assist a minority.

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The problem Visual impairment is the most common disability. It affects more than 32.4 % of the people around the world. Global exclusion is a main factor, which affects more than the 15 % of the global population.
The solution The blinds will be able to text in a simple, familiar, fast and private way.
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History & Events

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Brailling's goal is to include the blind community from all around the globe in our modern, everyday, technological world. We were invited to many events to talk about our experience, innovation and history.

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Brailling makes our mission easy.

Our mission is to change a paradigm and create positive impact to include a minority. Our mission is to make the blind community feel included in the new era.

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With Brailling, we want to improve the way blind people use the cellphone. Send us your feedback and let's improve together.

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