We are an accessibility launcher for the blind users. We are going to let the blind community write and learn braille in a simpler and faster way.

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We tackle the problems of visual impairment regarding social and technological exclusion and mobile accessibility issues. We are going to solve the problem of the blind community’s exclusion in the new era. We cannot cure blindness but we can include and assist a minority.

Download for free and give us your feedback: Click here to download Brailling for free and you will be able to use our launcher and receive offers in a close future.

Write to us: We appreciate your feedback. You can send us an email to: Follow us at @BraillingApp on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. Privacy and Terms.

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Most frequently ask questions:

Question: What is a launcher? Answer: A launcher is a software that causes applications to load and run. Launching an app is inherent in every operating system. We are going to make a launcher to improve your user-experience. Question: What is this launcher going to have? Answer: We are going to have differents modules inside the launcher but you can envision it as a big application, if you please. We'll include a Braille keyboard, a Braille learning module and we are going to add other modules as time goes by, with your help. Download it for free and give us your feedback!

Question: Where can I download and use it? Answer: You will be able to download it for free on the Android Play Store. In the future, we'll deal with iOS SO*. Download now! Try it for free.

Question: How many opportunities and features does Brailling have for visually impaired people? Answer: A lot! We're going to give you privacy when you text so you won't have to worry about others hearing your audio files. You can write faster than before. You are going to be able to learn Braille in the pedagogical module, leveling up as you advance.

Question: Why use braille instead voice messages? Answer: If you are able to see, you probably use voice messages, and that is ok, because we are not going to withdraw the voice function. Privacy is a very key value for the Braille keyboard, because you are going to have options when you write. You can text your partner, family, friends, colleagues at any time and google things up or download apps in a faster way, not like when using the regular QWERTY keyboard.

Question: Do I need a special mobile or external hardware to use Brailling? Answer: No! We're improving Brailling every day so that everyone can easily use it with every Android mobile. We will work for iOS users later on.

Question: In how many languages is Brailling going to be? Answer: At first, in Spanish. We're from Argentina and we want to reach more countries in the future, so everyone can share this great experience. We're already thinking about English, Portuguese, German and Chinese translations.

Question: How much will the subscription cost? Answer: It'll be very cheap. You can try Brailling for free and, when the trial period is finished, you can pay a very, very low price to go on using it, allowing us to improve all the functionalities :)

Question: How can I give you my feedback to improve the app? Answer: You can send us an email at You will be part of our community.

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